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Ian Anderson - Homo Erraticus (Kscope)
Iain Ashley Hersey - Nomad (Perris Records/Sound Pollution)
Iced Earth - Dystopia (Century Media)
Icewind – Again Came The Storm (Metalodic Records)

Id Guinness - Cure for the common crush (Rapid Transformation)

Illumion - Hunting for significance (Progress Records)
Illusion Suite - Final Hour (Limb Music/Border)
Immortal - All Shall Fall (Nuclear Blast)
Imperial State Electric - Imperial State Electric (Psychout Records/Sound Pollution)
Imperial State Electric - In Concert! (Psychout Records/ Sound Pollution)
Imperial State Electric - Pop War (Psychout Records/Sound Pollution)
Impious - Death Domination (Metal Blade)
INCRAVE - DEAD END (Ulterium Records)
Incura - Incura” (InsideOut Music)
Indukti - Idmen (InsideOut Music/Border)
Infinity Overture - Kingdom of Utopia (Lion Music)
Infinity Overture - The Infinite overture pt:1 (Lion Music)
InMe – Herald Moth (EMI/Superball Music/Century Media)
In Solitude - The World, The Flesh, The Devil (Metal Blade Records/Border)
Introitus - Fantasy (Egen utgåva)
Introitus – Elements (Progress Records)
InVertigo – Next Stop Vertigo (Progressive Promotion Records)
InVertigo – Veritas (Progressive-Promotion)
IQ – Frequency (Giant Electric Pea/InsideOut Music, Border)
Iron Mask - Shadow of the Red Baron (Lion Music/Border Music)

ISOLE - BLISS OF SOLITUDE  (Napalm Records) 

Isole - Silent Ruins (Napalm Records/Border)
ISSA – Sign Of Angels (Frontiers Records)

It Bites – The Tall Ships (The It bites Music Partnership)

It Bites – Map of the past (InsideOut Music)

IVORY MOON - HUMAN NATURE (Ulterium Records)