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Oblivious - Creating Meaning (Transubstans Records/Record Heaven)
Oceansize – Frames (Superball Music)
Oceansize – Feed to Feed (EMI/Superball Music/Century Media)
Odder Than 3 – EP (Egenproducerad)
OEL – Corello Motello (Art development productions)
OHMPHREY - OHMPHREY  (Magna Carta/Border)

Oliver Weers - Get Ready (Target Records/Border)

Omnium Gatherum - New World Shadows (Lifeforce Records)
One Without – Sweet Relief (Independent Release)
One Without - Thoughts of a secluded mind (Lifeforce Records)

ON THE RISE – Dreamzone (Frontiers Records)


OPETH – WATERSHED (Roadrunner Records)

Optimystical - Distant Encounters (AVENUE OF ALLIES MUSIC/Sound Polution)

Opus Symbiosis - Opus Symbiosis (Egenproducerad)

Opus Symbiosis – Mute (Egenproducerad)
Opus Symbiosis – Nature's Choir
Ordinary Brainwash - ME 2.0 (Metal Mind Records)
Orphaned Land - The Never Ending Way of ORWarriOR (Century Media Records)
Osada Vida - Three seats behind a triangle (Metal Mind Productions)
Osada Vida – The Body Parts Party (Metal Mind Productions)

Osada Vida - Uninvited dreams (Metal Mind Productions)

Osada Vida - Where the divil lives (Metal Mind Records)
Osada Vida – Particles (Metal Mind Records)

OSI - Office of Strategic Influence  – Blood (InsideOut Music/Border)

OSI - Fire Make Thunder (Metal Blade/Border)
Osta – Nova Good morning Dystopia (Progressive Promotion Records)
O.T.R – Mamonama (Lion Music)
Outloud – More Catastrophe (AOR Heaven)
Outloud – Let΄s Get Serious (AOR Heaven)
Outshine – Addiction (Rambo/GAIN/Dead Tree Music)
OUTSIDE EDGE – Running Hot (1986) / More Edge (1987) – (AOR Heaven)
Overdrive - Let the Metal do the Talking (Lion Music/Bonnier Amigo)
Overhead - Live After All (Metal Mind Productions)
Overhead – of sun and moon (Progressive Promotion Records)

OVERLAND - BREAK AWAY (Escape Records)

OVERLAND – Diamond Dealer  (Escape Music)
OVERLAND – Epic (Escape Music)
Overmaster – Madness Of War (Cruz Del Sur Music/Sound Pollution)