Studio Report: Mistweaver

Artist/Band: Mistweaver
Vocals & Guitar: Raśl Puente Tobalina
Guitar: Eduardo Alonso Santos
Bass: David de Pedro Mediavilla
Keyboards: Eduardo Navazo
Drums: Simon Cordero (new member April 2008)
Formed in: Burgos, Spain 1997
Sol Obscurabitur-2000 (EP)
Dream's Domain-2001
The Aftermath-2003
Age of Darkness-2005

Style: Medieval Melodic Metal

Influences: Entombed, Gamma Ray, In Flames
Management: Searching!!!
The forthcoming album
Album title: Tales From The Grave
Tracks recorded & to be on the record: 12+1 Intro

Song writers: Mistweaver
Time in studio: Drums recorded by session drummer (4 days in Barcelona 2008)
Time in Sonic Train Studios: May 5th-May 16th 2008
Produced & Mixed by: Andy La Rocque
Record label: Searching for a good one!!!
Artwork/Album cover: Michael Schindler
Release date: Hopefully in the fall of 2008
Single & Video: If possible..

What's the story behind the band name: Mistweaver?
The name Mistweaver comes from a Dismember track. We like the feel of it
and the idea of when death comes for you.

How come you picked Andy & the Sonic Train Studios to record the album?
We wanted him to mix our previous record but then he didn't have the time.
This time we got lucky. We're all big King Diamond fans.

What do you think of Varberg:
We've been around the city, the fortress and we've been to the beach. It's
a beautiful city with lots of beautiful girls.

What bands have you toured with?
Exodus, Nuclear Assault, Grave, Mortician, Centinex, Nunslaughter and Into

And what bands would you like to tour with?
In Flames, Dark Tranquillity & Arch Enemy

Any plans to come and play in Sweden?
Metal Town or Sweden Rock Festival next year would be great
What is the best moment in this band so far?
Probably the most important was the Milwaukee Metal Fest, USA (25.07.2003)
with Vital Remains, Nuclear  Assault & Strapping Young Lad and many
others. Playing with Exodus was also great.

What can we expect from Mistweaver in the future?
We would like that this album to be released with a major label and find a
manager to find us some tours and festivals

Andy La Rocque on Mistweaver:
Ambitious and devoted. They paid for the trip from Spain themselves as
well as the recordings.


Andy Flash Report 15/5-2008