Sonic Train Report 21:

Interview with Mark Wenkin.

Christophe Van Cappelen: Vocals & Drums
Mark Wenkin: Guitars
Laurent Annaerts: Guitars
Manu De Ross: Bass

Band Info:

Formed in Brussels, Belgium 2009
Style: Metal
Influences: Hammerfall, Primal Fear, SonataArctica.

Website: http://www.healerofgod.com (coming soon!)

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/healerofgod

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/markwenkin

The forthcoming album:

Album title: Healer Of God
Tracks recorded & to be on the record: 10
Song writers: Mark Wenkin (music/lyrics) & Christophe Van Cappelen (lyrics) .

Time in studio:
Time in Sonic Train Studios:Mixed April 19th-23th 2010. Tracks recorded in home studio in Belgium 2009/2010.

Produced by: Healer Of God
Mixed by: Andy La Rocque
Mastered by: Not sure yet. Andy La Rocque or it will be done in Belgium.
Record label: Not yet.
Artwork/Album cover: It's not 100% done yet but it's in the works.
Release date: End of May 2010. We're gonna print a couple of hundreds of cd's and start shipping to labels and sell on our sites as well.
Video: No plans yet.


What's the story behind the band & the name Healer Of God?
18 years ago me and our singer Christophe Van Cappelen had a band called Lifeforce.
I played with Darrin Anthony (drummer of King Diamond 1995-1996) when I lived in Dallas, Texas in the end of the 90's.
I joined a local band called Cryvenus and we opened for Warrant & George Lynch.
And then I moved back to Belgium and I made a solo album "Out of the Blue".
Then last year me & Christophe thought it was about time to do something together again.
The name Healer Of God is about that God isn't perfect and that he needs a healer sometimes so we kind of created this character the Healer Of God.

What are the lyrics about on the album?
It's a concept album but the intro is an introduction of the name Healer Of God that leads into the title track.The rest of the songs are about lots of different things.
Life and personal things. Most about our singers own experiences.

Which song from the new album are you looking forward to play live the most?
Healer Of God but pretty much all of them will be great to play live.

Any guests on the album?

How come you picked the Sonic Train Studios to mix the album?
Sweden is a happening place for metal and I was checking out the other bands and records that Andy had worked with and it sounded great. And he has a great reputation.
So we said let's try it out.

What are your favorite bands?
Swedish & German power metal bands like Hammerfall and Helloween. And Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Scorpions.

What's your favorite guitarplayers?
Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe Satriani, Gary Moore, Michael Amott, Vinnie Moore, Alexi Laiho and Michael Schenker.

What's your all time favorite album?
Motörhead: Ace Of Spades

Any plans to record or play any covers live?
No not really.But if we were to do one I think it wouldn't be a metal track but a different type of song to turn into a metal track.

What bands have you toured/played gigs with?
We haven't played any live gigs with Healer Of God yet.

And what bands would you like to tour with?
Scorpions, Helloween, Gamma Ray, Edguy, Judas Priest.

Any plans to come and play in Sweden?
No plans yet but I hope we will soon.

What is the best moment in this band so far?
The creativity in the writing. Making the songs. Since we haven't toured yet.

What are the plans for 2010?
Find a good record label.Do some gigs as well. It's hard in Belgium it's not really a rock/metal country. But we do have the Graspop festival.

Healer Of God comments on:

Sonic Train Studios:
Perfect. Great place.Maybe next album we'll record it all here as well.

Andy La Rocque:
He has done a great job. Great guy with a good reputation that he sure lives up to.

We've been working in the studio so we haven't really had time to see much of the city. (Until the afterwork party on friday night ;)

Andy Flash Report 23/4-2010