Studio Report: Eastern Front

Artist/Band: Eastern Front

Vocals: Metzger
Guitar: Krieg
Guitar: Holocaust
Bass: Destroyer
Drums: Destruction

Formed in: Ipswich, United Kingdom 2006

Discography: Debut album!
Style: Black Metal/Doom

Influences: History,War,Battles. WWII





The forthcoming album
Album title: Blood On Snow.
The title is adapted from a book called Blood Red Snow by a German soldier who was at the Eastern Front. The song can be heard in the movie Faintheart.

Tracks recorded:6+Blood On Snow (recorded in the UK 2008). All songs are around 7 minutes.
On the record: 7 plus intros & outros

Song writers: Krieg & Holocaust
Time in studio:
Time in Sonic Train Studios: Feb 9th-14th 2009. Drums and guitars. Bass & Vocals to be recorded in England.

Produced by: Anders Backelin (Lord Belial) and co Andy La Rocque

Mixed by: Anders Backelin (Lord Belial) and co Andy La Rocque

Mastered by: Anders Backelin (Lord Belial) and co Andy La Rocque

Record label: Not at the moment.

Artwork/Album cover: We donít wanna be one of those bands with lots of pictures of ourselves on covers and sleeves. So we have collected lots of original pictures from WWII. The picture we have choosen for the front cover is of a T-34 tank. Which is the most well known Russian tank.

Release date: Hopefully before the summer.If all goes well.
Video: A video is made for the titletrack. It can be viewed on our MySpace.


Whatís the story behind the band name Eastern Front?
It was the most brutal battlefield in World War II and the most people killed. Since we are brutal band and British and very intressted in history it seemed logic to have Eastern Front as the band name.

What are the lyrics about on the album?
All are stories from World War II and most from the Eastern Front. We get inspiration for the lyrics from movies and books. Reading at lot.The album isnít really a concept album. Itís the concept of the band. There are so much content so the forthcoming albums will be about WWII as well.

Which song are you looking forward to play live the most?
It varies with each member. In a live
environment it becomes not so much the song but the whole band

Any guests on the album?
Anders Backelin (Lord Belial)
might play on parts of the album. We have others that have shown intresst as well but it all has to do with if thereís time enough to have it all done.

How come you picked the Sonic Train Studios to record the album?
Because last year we were on tour with
Lord Belial and we got along great. So Anders Backelin already knew most of the songs and us as well.

What are your favorite bands?
Hate Forest,Warning,
Hypocracy are just some of our favorites.

What bands have you toured with?
Lord Belial & Graveworm last year and weíll tour with Taake, Hellheim and Vulture Industries during the spring in the UK.

 And what bands would you like to tour with?
 Lord Belial and Immortal would be great.

Any plans to come and play in Sweden?
Hopefully to come and do some club gigs or festivals maybe this year.

What is the best moment in this band so far?
Walking out on stage in Bulgaria to hear the crowd screaming Eastern Front was just incredible. And beeing here in Sweden for the first time while recording our debut album.

What can we expect from Eastern Front in the future?
Lots of touring.We are doing many festivals around Europe this year and weíve already begun writing for the next album.

Eastern Front comments on:

Sonic Train Studios: Itís fantastic. We can sleep and eat here. And the main room has nice a nice feel to it. Even the small guitarroom is fantastic.

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