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Morph - Sintrinity (Progress Records)



Retrospective – Lost in Perception (Progressive Promotion Records)



Dödaren - Maen (Transubstans Records/Record Heaven)



Hidden Lands - In Our Nature (Progress Records)



KID ROCK – Rebel Soul (Atlantic Records)



Aerosmith – Music from another dimension! (Deluxe version) (Columbia/Sony)



Michael’s Statement - Beauty of Sadness (Egenproducerad)



Three Seasons-Understand the World (Transubstans Records/Record Heaven)



Troldmand - Live At Loppen (Space Rock Productions)



Kerion – CloudRiders Part 1: Road To Skycity (Metalodic Records)



Pendragon – Out of Order Comes Chaos DVD (Metal Mind Production)







Love De Vice – Silesian Night 11.11.11 DVD (Metal Mind Production)



Hellectricity- Salem Blood (Metal Mind Production)



SOLEIL MOON – On The Way To Everything (Frontiers Records)



JIMI JAMISON – Never Too Late (Frontiers Records)



Öresund Space Collective - Give Your Brain A Rest From The Matrix (Space Rock Productions)



Chris – City Of Light (Progress Records)



Steve Hackett - Genesis Revisited II (InsideOut Music/EMI)



Salma Gandhi - The Quest for Nonsense Never Ends (Transubstans Records/Record Heaven)



RICK SPRINGFIELD – Song For The End Of The World (Frontiers Records)



Panzerpappa – Astromalist (Rune Grammofon)



Opus Symbiosis – Nature's Choir



LOVER UNDER COVER – Set The Night On Fire (Escape Music)



Paul Gilbert – Vibrato (Music Theories/Mascot/Border)



TEN – Heresy And Creed (Frontiers Records)



TRAIL OF MURDER – Shades Of Art (Metal Heaven/SPD)



Sideburn - IV Monument (Transubstans Records/Record Heaven)



DARE – Calm Before The Storm 2 (Legend Records/ADA/ Warner)



Cauldron - Tomorrow's Lost (Earache Records)



Simeon Soul Charger - Life at Harmony Square (Gentle Art Music)



Tune - Lucid Moments (Tune Records)



DEMON – Unbroken (Spaced Out Music/Border)



The Scams - Bombs Away (Lightning Records/Sound Pollution)



PRIDE OF LIONS – Immortal (Frontiers Records)



DOKKEN – Broken Bones (Frontiers Records)



The Brimstone Days - On a Monday Too Early to Tell (Transubstans Records/Record Heaven)



Neal Morse - Momentum (InsideOut Music/Radiant Records)



RIVAL SONS – Head Down (Earache Records)



Kaipa – Vittjar (InsideOut Music)



Captain Crimson - Dancing Madly Backwards (Transubstans Records/Record Heaven)



Bonafide - Ultimate Rebel (Rootsy/Warner)



BONRUD – Save Tomorrow (Escape Music)



Skånska Mord - Paths to charon (Small Stone Records)



Osada Vida - Where the devil lives (Metal Mind Records)



DEMON – I Still Believe (digital single)



ECLIPSE – Bleed & Scream (Frontiers Records)



Mr Gil – I want you to get back home (Metal Mind Records)



LOVERBOY – Rock n Roll Revival (Frontiers Records)



Doris Brendel & Lee Dunham – Not Utopia (Sky-Rocket Records)



Outshine – Addiction (Rambo/GAIN/Dead Tree Music)



Freedom to Glide -  The Rain EP (www.freedomtoglide.com)



Coralspin – Honey and Lava (coralspin.com)



SILHOUETTE – Across The Rubicon (Progress Records)



Hellyeah - Band of Brothers (Eleven Seven Music/Pirate-Smile)



CLOUDSCAPE – New Era (RoastingHouse)



Overhead – of sun and moon (Progressive Promotion Records)



The Flower Kings – Banks of Eden (InsideOut Music)



Hellre Utan Fejs - Spånskivan (egenproducerad/Spotify)



WIGELIUS – Reinventions (Frontiers Records)



Forgotten Suns – Revelations (Pathfinder Records)



MILLION $ RELOAD – A Sinner´s Saint (Frontiers Records)



Believe – Seeing is believing (Metal Mind Records)



Ultravox – Brilliant (Crysalis/EMI)



The Night Flight Orchestra - Internal affairs (Coroner Records)



The Beach Boys – That's Why God Made the Radio (EMI)



Herman Frank - Right in the Guts (Metal Heaven)



Candlemass - Psalms for the Dead (Napalm Records/Border)



Ordinary Brainwash - ME 2.0 (Metal Mind Records)



ASIA – XXX (Frontiers Records)



Entombed -Amok (Singel) (Ninetone Records)



RUSH – Clockwork Angels  (Roadrunner)



CARL LINDQUIST  –  End Of The Road / EP  (Egenproducerad)



Akribi - Black morning sun (Jymden Music)



Sonata Arctica – Stones Grow Her Name (Nuclear Blast)



Small Faces - Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake (Charly/Border)

Small Faces - Small Faces (Charly/Border)



RICHARD MARX – Inside My Head  (Frontiers Records)



CIRCUS MAXIMUS – Nine (Frontiers Records)



Gin Lady - Gin Lady (Transubstans Records/Record Heaven)



JORN – Bring Heavy Rock To The Land (Frontiers Records)



Joe Bonamassa – Driving Towards the Daylight (Provogue)



Headspace - I Am Anonymous (InsideOut Music)



Pigeon toe - The first perception (Lifeforce Records)



Darxtar - Aged to Perfection (Transubstans Records/Record Heaven)



The Durango Riot - Backwards Over Midnight (Ninetone Records)



WIG WAM – Wall Street (Frontiers Records)



HARTMANN – Balance (Avenue Of Allies)



GREAT WHITE – Elation  (Frontiers Records)



HARDLINE – Danger Zone (Frontiers Records)



Jack White - Blunderbuss (XL Recordings/Playground)



David Sylvian - A Victim of Stars 1982-2012 (EMI)



Prong - Carved Into Stone (SPV/Branch Records)



SBB – SBB (Metal Mind Production)



The John Irvine Band - Wait & See



Polution - Beyond Control (Escape Music/Sound Pollution)



Arjen Anthony Lucassen – Lost In The New Real (InsideOut Music)



Johan Randén  - Summary (Reingold Records)



Squackett – A Life Within a Day (Esoteric Antenna)



Delusion Squared - II (Egenproducerad)



OSI - Fire Make Thunder (Metal Blade/Border)



Pantera - Piss (Singel) (Elektra/Rhino)



CRAZY LIXX – Riot Avenue (Frontiers Records)



TRIXTER – New Audio Machine (Frontiers Records)



TYKETTO – Dig In Deep (Frontiers Records)



InVertigo – Veritas (Progressive-Promotion)



THE CULT – For the animals "singel radio edit" (BLACK LODGE RECORDS)



DeeExpus – King of Number 33 (Edel Records)






Eklipse – A Night in Strings (Soulfood)



It Bites – Map of the past (InsideOut Music)



Motorpsycho & Ståle Storløkken - The Death Defying Unicorn (Rune Grammofon/Border)



Cage - Supremacy of Steel (Music Buy Mail)



DEATH BY ARMBORST – EP (Egenproducerad)



Sonisk Blodbad - Dark spring (Inner Robotic Records)



Pink Floyd – The Wall experience edition (EMI)



Moon Safari -The Gettysburg address (Blomljud Records)



GRAND PRIX – Samurai (Rock Candy) återutgivning 2012



Ett Rop På Hjälp - Hur Svårt Kan Det Vara? (Transubstans Records/Record Heaven)



JEFF SCOTT SOTO – Damage Control (Frontiers Records)



JACK BLADES – Rock n Roll Ride (Frontiers Records)



Billy Sherwood – What Was the Question? (www.billysherwood.com)



Strawberry Fields - Live Strawberry Fields DVD (Metal Mind Productions)



FURYON – Gravitas (Frontiers Records)



PHENOMENA – Awakening (Escape Music)



Anathema - Weather Systems (Kscope)



Imperial State Electric - Pop War (Psychout Records/Sound Pollution)



CROSS  - Wake up call (Progress Records)



Diamond Dogs - Set Fire to it All (Legal Records/Sound Pollution)



Frozen Rain – Ahead of time (Avenue Of Allies)



Help! For Japan (Avenue of Allies Music)



Freedom Call - Land of the Crimson Dawn (SPV/Steamhammer/Playground)



Alias Eye – In Between (Quixote Records/Progrock Records USA)



The Terraces - The Terraces (DR2/Sound Pollution)



Three Seasons - Escape (7” Singel) (Transubstans Records)



Drivvedsfolket – Vilket gäng!



Therapy? - A Brief Crack of Light (Blast Records/Sound Pollution)



SUNSTORM – Emotional Fire (Frontiers Records)



SONIC STATION – Sonic Station (Frontiers Records)



MICHAEL THOMPSON BAND – Future Past (Frontiers Records)



Crimes Of Passion - To Die For (DR2 Records/Sound Pollution)


Exile Parade - Hit the Zoo (Suburban Records/Sound Pollution)



Långfinger - Slow Rivers (Beduin/Triada Promotion)



Van Halen – A Different Kind of Truth (Universal)



RPWL - Beyond Man And Time (Gentle Art Of Music)



Outloud – More Catastrophe (AOR Heaven)



Gazpacho - March of Ghosts (Kscope)



Dear Superstar – Damned Religion (Blast RECORDS/Sound Pollution)



TOKYO – San (Yesterrock)



Steve Hogarth + Richard Barbieri - Not the weapon but the hand (Kscope)



Shear - Breaking the stillness (Lifforce Records)



RAM – Death  (Metal Blade Records)



A Whisper in the noise - To forget (Exile on mainstream records, EOM 057)



Mangrove - More or Less…an acoustic evening (Mangrovian Music)



Nekromantheon - Rise, Vulcan Spectre (Indie Recordings/Border Music)



BEYOND THE BRIDGE – The old man & The spirit (Frontiers Records)



HOUSE OF SHAKIRA – H.o.S. (Lion Music)



Wino And Conny Ochs – Heavy Kingdom (Mainstream Records/Sound Pollution)



PRIMAL FEAR – Unbreakable (Frontiers Records)



MOLLO & MARTIN – The Third Cage (Frontiers Records)



D’accorD - Helike (Karisma Records)



The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - The Magic of Youth (Rude Records/Sound Pollution



LEE SMALL – Jamaica Inn (Escape Music)