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BERGGREN KERSLAKE BAND (BKB) – The Sun has Gone hazy (AOR Heaven)



Fatal Fusion - The Ancient Tale (Karisma Records)



BOSTON – Life, Love & Hope (Frontiers Records)



The Black Noodle Project – Ghosts & Memories (Progressive Promotion Records)



Elevators to the Grateful Sky - Cloud Eye (Transubstans Records/Record Heaven)



The John Irvine Band  - Next stop



Public Privacy - Public Privacy



Alchemy by Clive Nolan (Metal Mind Productions)



Deep - Vol.1 (Transubstans Records/Record Heaven)



Apocalyptica - Wagner Reloaded – live in Leipzig (BMG Rights)



Freddie Nystrom Power Trio - Airborn (Nystrom productions)



Gudars Skymning - Höj Era Glas (Transubstans Records/Record Heaven)



The Brimstone Days - The Healer (Transubstans Records/Record Heaven)



Chris - Days of summer gone (Progress Records)



Black Trip - Goin' Under (Threeman Recordings/Playground Music)



RPWL - A show beyond man and time (Metal Mind Productions)



Leslie West - Still Climbing (Mascot Label Group/Provogue Records)



Deafening Opera - Blueprint (Progressive promotion records)



Schizofrantik – The Knight on The Shark (Gentle art of music)



NOW OR NEVER – S/T (Mausoleum Records)



The Flower Kings – Desolation Rose (InsideOut Music)



SEVENTH KEY – I Will Survive (Frontiers Records)



AYREON – The Theory Of Everything (InsideOut Music)



Flying Colors – Live in Europe (Music Theories Recordings/Mascot)



Motörhead - Aftershock (UDR/Triada Communication)



Paul McCartney – New (Concorde/Universal)



Airbag - The greatest show on earth (Karisma Records)



STRYPER – No More Hell To Pay (Frontiers Records)



PLACE VENDOME – Thunder In The Distance (Frontiers Records)



Nemo - Le ver dans le fruit (Progressive Promotions)



Fates Warning – Darkness In A Different Light



Sammy Hagar – Sammy Hagar & Friends (Frontiers)



STARSHIP feat. Mickey Thomas – Loveless Fascination (Loudandproudrecords)



Transport League - Boogie from hell (Hoffa Communications)



Blå Skåpet - När dagen är över (Egenproducerad)



Skunk Anansie - An Acoustic Skunk Anansie - Live in London (Boogooyamma Records/Playground)



HAREM SCAREM – Mood Swings II (Frontiers Records)



Fish - A Feast Of Consequences (Fish Heads Club)



MOBY – Innocents (Little Idiot, Mute)



Christian Älvestam - Self 2.0 (Dimout Productions) 



CONEY HATCH – Four (Frontiers Records)



Haken - The Mountain (InsideOut Music)



Nymf - From the Dark (Transubstans Records/Record Heaven)



The Rides – Can’t Get Enough (Mascot Label Group)



Govt Mule – Shout (Provogue)



Crystal Palace - The System of Events (Gentle Art Of Music)



Bonafide - Bombo (Off Yer Rocka/Triada)



Violent Silence – A broken truce (Progress Records)



Trouble - The Distortion Field (Metalville/Triada)



Annihilator Feast (UDR)



Anathema – Universal (Kscope)



FERGIE FREDRIKSEN – Any Given Moment (Frontiers Records)



LITTLE RIVER BAND – Cuts Like A Diamond (Frontiers Records)



Not a Good Sign - Not a Good Sign (AltrOck)



ARC ANGEL – Harlequins Of Light (Frontiers Records)



FIND ME – Wings Of Love (Frontiers Records)



Moon Safari – Himlabacken Vol. 1 (Blomljud Records)



Jesus Chrüsler Supercar - Among the Ruins and Desolate Lands (Vön Hell Records/Sound Pollution)



James LaBrie - Impermanent resonance (InsideOut Music)



Maschine - Rubidium (InsideOut Music)



BRETT WALKER – Straight Jacket Vacation (AOR Heaven)



Dave Davies – I Will Be Me (Cleopatra Records)



Naam - Vow (Tee Pee Records/Border Music)



Dead End Space - Distortion of senses (Alienation Records)



Seven Impale - Beginning/Relieve (Karisma Records)



JAMES CHRISTIAN – Lay It All On Me (Frontiers Records)



State Cows - The Second One (Avenue of Allies)



Palms - Palms (Ipecac Recordings/Border Music)



Blackfield – IV (Kskope)



Amon Amarth - Deceiver of the Gods (Metal Blade/Border Music)



Black Sabbath - 13 (Vertigo)



LONEWOLF – The Fourth And Final Horseman (Napalm Records)



Brutus - Behind the Mountains (Svart Records)



Osada Vida – Particles (Metal Mind Records)



Cyril - Gone through years (Progressive Promotion Records)



Wings - Wings Over America (Universal)



Mean Streak - Trial by Fire (Black Lodge Records/Sound Pollution)



Magnolia - Tänk Själv (Transubstans Records/Record Heaven)



Jupiter Society - From endangered to extinct (Fosfor creation)



THE TANGENT – Le Sacre Du Travail (The Rite Of Work) (Inside Out Music)



The Quill - Tiger Blood (Metalville/Triada Promotion)



JORN – Traveller (Frontiers Records)



Skid Row - United World Rebellion - Chapter One (UDR/Triada Promotion)



Gin Lady - Mother's Ruin (Transubstans Records/Records Heaven)



MARKONEE – Club Of Broken Hearts (New Venture Music)



Sound of Contact – Dimensionaut (Insideout Music)



Windmills - The Continuation (Windmill Records)



Masterplan – Novum Initium (AFM)



VISAGE – Hearts And Knives (Blitz Club)



Dynamite - Lock 'N Load (Denomination Records/Record Heaven)



THE POODLES – Tour De Force (Frontiers Records)



Leprous – Goal (InsideOut Music)



Leafblade – The Kiss of Spirit and Flesh (Kscope)



Clive Nolan – Alchemy (Metal Mind Productions)



Tracer – El Pistolero (Mascot Records)



Believe - The warmest sun in winter (Metal Mind Records)



KINGDOM COME – Outlier (Steamhammer)



THE SWEET – Sweet Fanny Adams Revisited (live) (Egenproducerat)



Oblivious - Creating Meaning (Transubstans Records/Record Heaven)



The Knockouts - 5000 Miles From Louisville (Diamond Prime Music/Sound Pollution)



DEEP PURPLE – Now What (ear music)



Saffire – From Ashes To Fire (Inner Wound Recordings)



JOHNNY LOGAN – The Irish Connection 2 – The Irish Soul (Labrador Music)



Jeff Lynne – Armchair Theatre (Frontiers)






Dynamo Bliss - Poplar Music



Nosound - Afterthoughs (Kscope)



Small Jackets - IV (Transubstans Records/Record Heaven)



Whitesnake – Made in Japan (Frontiers)



Electric Light Orhestra – Zoom (Frontiers Records)



Brother Ape - Force majeure (Progress Records)



Pendragon – Out of order comes chaos (Metal Mind Productions)



Arena– Rapture (Metal Mind Productions)



FM – Rockville (Membran)



Anyone's Daughter - Anyone's Daughter “återutgivning” (Spiegelei/Intercord)



Spock’s Beard - Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep (InsideOut Music)



Believe – Hope to see another day (remastered + bonus) (Metal Mind Productions)



Jolly - The audio guide to happiness Part 2 (InsideOut Music)



OUTSIDE EDGE – Running Hot (1986) / More Edge (1987) – (AOR Heaven)



AC4 - Burn the World (Ny Våg Records/Sound Pollution) 



The Crystal Caravan – With them you walk alone (Transubstans)



STRYPER – Second Coming (Frontiers Records)



PRETTY MAIDS – Motherland  (Frontiers Records)



Syron Vanes - Evil Redux (Denomination Records/Record Heaven)



T – Psychoanorexia (Progressive Promotion Records)



Grande - Grande (Artistconnector)



Generous Maria - III (Transubstans Records/Record Heaven)



MÄBE – fyra digitala singlar våren 2013



Tucana - Tucana (Art Performance Production)



David Bowie - The Next Day (Sony)



Saxon - Sacrifice (UDR/Triada Promotion)



N.O.W. – Bohemian Kingdom (Escape Music)



Neal Morse - Momentum live  (InsideOut Music)



Thalamus - Soul (Transubstans Records/Record Heaven)



Kingcrow - In Crescendo (Sensory)



Elephant 9 with Reine Fiske - Atlantis (Rune Grammofon)



Jess and the Ancient Ones - Astral Sabbat EP (Svart Records)



Robben Ford – Bringing It Back Home (Mascot Label Group)



Rock Candy Funk Party - We Want Groove



Stonewall Noise Orchestra - Salvation (Transubstans Records/Record Heaven)



OEL – Corello Motello (Art development productions)



Saxon – Sacrifice (UDR/Triada)



DAN REED – Signal Fire (Zero One Music/Border Music)



Tim Morse – Faithscience (Audio Portrait Music)



Amaxa – Amaxa (Mandarin Records/Border)



WILD ROSE – Dangerous (AOR Heaven)



Steven Wilson - The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories) / Kscope



Bad Religion - True North (Epitaph Records/Playground)



Helloween - Straight Out Of Hell (Sony)



Black Rose - Turn On the Night (Doolittle Group/Connecting Music)



Riverside - Shrine Of New Generation Slaves (InsideOut Music)



Faith - Decades of Despair (Transubstans Records/Record Heaven)



MY SOLILOQUY – The Interpreter (Sensory)



The Electric Stars - Sonic Candy Soul (Detour Records)



Galderia - The Universality (Metalodic Records)



CRASHDIET – The Savage Playground (Frontiers Records)



ARGOS - Cruel Symmetry



Rick Wakeman - Journey to the Centre of The Earth (Future Publishing)