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Mark Spiro – It´s a beautiful life (AOR Heaven/Sound Pollution)



Mindghost - The plastic generation (Rambo Music)



Brighteye Brison - The Magician Chronicles part I (Progress Records)



Andromeda - Manifest Tyranny (Inner Wound Recordings)



CROSSFADE - SECRET LOVE (Songwork/ Sound Pollution)



STRANGEWAYS – Age Of Reason (Dangerous Dog Records)



Neal Morse - Testimony two/Live in Los Angeles (InsideOut Music/Radiant Records)



Nitewalk - Darker shades of gray (Youngblood Music Promotion)



Siena Root - Root Jam (Transubstans Records/Record Heaven)



Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here experience edition (EMI)



Turbowolf - Turbowolf (Hassle Records/Sound Pollution)



Martyr - Circle of 8 (Metal Blade Records/Border Music)



The Beach Boys - Smile sessions (EMI)



Cipher System - Communicate the storms (Nuclear Blast)



LODGIC – Nomadic Sands (Yesterrock/Universal)



The James Cleaver Quintet-That Was Then, This Is Now (Hassle Records/Sound Pollution)



CHRIS OUSEY - Rhymes & Reason (Escape Music)



Sick of it All - Nonstop (Century Media)



Ten Second Epic - Better Off (Hassle Records/Sound Pollution)



Lou Reed & Metallica – Lulu (Universal)



Gazpacho – London  (Kscope)



Vallenfyre - A Fragile King (Century Media)



The RedZen - Void (Ma.Ra.Cash Records)



Krisiun - The Great Execution (Century Media)



Airbag - All rights removed (Karisma Records)



Iced Earth - Dystopia (Century Media)



Blå Skåpet - Världen är så kall (Egenproducerad)



FERGIE FREDERIKSEN - Happiness is the road (Frontiers Records)



Lunatic Soul - Impressions (KScope)



SHY- Shy (Escape Music)



Chillihounds - Shake Your Skull (Transubstans Records/Record Heaven)



Johnfish Sparkle - Flow (Transubstans Records/Record Heaven)



GARY JOHN BARDEN – Eleventh Hour  (Escape Music)



Awake - Forever more (Lion Music)



Bensh - Clues (Odd One In Records/Sound Pollution)



Steve Hackett - Beyond the shrouded horizon (InsideOut Music/EMI)



Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa - Don't Explain (Mascot Records/Border)



Steven Wilson - Grace for drowning (KScope)



Pink Floyd "The Dark Side of the Moon - experience version" (EMI)



The Tangent - Comm (InsideOut Music/EMI)



Seven Steps To The green Door – The?Book (Progressive Promotion Records)



HOUSE OF LORDS – Big Money (Frontiers Records)



Skånska Mord - The last supper  (Small Stone Records)



Soniq Circus – Reflections in the hourglass (Progress Records)



Thalamus - Subterfuge (Transubstans Records/Record Heaven)



Flaming Row – Elinoire (Progressive Promotion Records)



Renaissance of Fools  - Fear, Hope & Frustration (Metalville)



Redemption - This Mortal Coil (InsideOut Music/EMI)



Gordon Fights - Gordon Fights (Transubstans Records/Border Music)



SARACEN – Marilyn (Escape Music)



Slaves to Fashion - Artistic Differences (Hands of Blue Records)



Mangrove - Live beyond reality (Mangrovian Music)



Bob the Screamer - The Adventuring (Egenproducerat)



Death Destruction - Death Destruction (Columbia Records/Sony Music Entertainment Sweden)



TOBY HITCHCOCK – Mercury Down (Frontiers Records)



XORIGIN – State Of The Art (Frontiers Records)



Grinspoon - Six to Midnight (DR2 Records/Sound Pollution)



Leprous - Bilateral (InsideOut Music)



Kevin Ridley - Flying in the Face of Logic (Global Music/Sound Pollution)



Numbnuts - Smokey the Salmon and the Horny Mermaids of Detention (Mighty Music/Target)



Communic - The bottom deep (Nuclear Blast)



New Discolour - Short of Ink (Mighty Music/Target)






Subject to Thoughts – Culmination (Egenproducerad)



Tides from Nebula - Earthshine (Mystic Production)



Work of Art – In progress (Frontiers/PGM)



Lionville – Lionville (Avenue of Allies/SPD)



Unearth- Darkness in the light (Metal Blade Records/Border)



Draconian - A rose for the Apokalypse (Napalm Records/Border)



One Without – Sweet Relief (Independent Release)



JOHN WETTON - Raised In Captivity (Frontiers Records)



AIRRACE - Back to the start (Frontiers Records)



Devin Townsend Project – Deconstruction (InsideOut Music/Emi Music)



Baaba Kulka – Baaba Kulka (Mystic Productions)



The Devin Townsend Project – Ghost (InsideOut Music/EMI Music)



Lars Boutrup’s music for keyboards - The symphonic dream



RIVAL SONS - Pressure and time (Earache Records)



Def Leppard - Mirror Ball / Live & More (Frontiers Records)



NIGHT RANGER - Somewhere in California (Frontiers Records)



For All We Know - For all we know (Independent release)



ROB MORATTI - Victory (Escape music)



El Poncho – Polycube (Egen utgivning)



Von Hertzen Brothers – Stars Aligned (Universal)



Saxon - Call to Arms (UDR/Playground)



Gungfly – Lamentations (Progress Records)



Sonisk Blodbad – Blue (Inner Robotic Records)



Whitesnake – Live at Donington 1990 (Frontiers/PGM)



Descend - Through the eyes of the burdened (Supernova Records)



REINXEED – 1912 (Liljegren Records)



In Solitude - The World, The Flesh, The Devil (Metal Blade Records/Border)



HARD – Even Keel (BLP Music)



Sun Caged - The Lotus Effect (Lion Music)



FALCONER – Armod (Metal Blade/Border)



Alestorm - Back Through Time (Napalm Records/Border)



HAMMERFALL – Infected (Nuclear Blast)



Neal Morse - Testimony two (InsideOut Music/Radiant Records)



PRAYING MANTIS  - Metalmorphosis  E.P. (Praying Mantis/ROCK N GROWL)



Öresund Space Collective - Sleeping With The Sunworm (Space Rock Productions)



Öresund Space Collective - Dead Man In Space (Space Rock Productions)



Queen – Deep Cuts volume 1 1973-76 (Island/Universal)



CIRCLES - The Compass (Basick Records)



WARRANT - Rockaholic (Frontiers Records)



Wraptors - Held high (Rakamarow Records)



Black 'N Blue - Hell Yeah! (Frontiers Records) Dubbelrecension.



Borealis - Fall from Grace (Lion Music)



Electric Boys – And Them Boys Done Swang (Supernova Records)



SKY ARCHITECT - A Dying Man's Hymn (Galileo Records)



As we fight/The Psyke projekt - Ebola split (Lifeforce Records)



Ulver - Wars of the roses (Kscope)



Imperial State Electric - In Concert! (Psychout Records/ Sound Pollution)



Williams & Friestedt (Metal Heaven)



Mark Clarke – Moving to the Moon (It's About Music/Border)



Steve Earle - I'll Never Get Out of this World Alive (New West Records/Playground)



Minora - Imago (Dead Tree Music)



Ana Kefr - The burial tree (II) (Mystic production)



Johnny Engstrom Band – Magnetic force (Alienation Records/Wishing well)



Natural Gas s/t – återutgåva (It's About music)



Ponamero Sundown - Rodeo Eléctrica (Transubstans Records/Record Heaven)



Pendragon – Passion (Snapper Music/Border)



Opus Symbiosis – Mute (Egenproducerad)



Wolf - Legions of Bastards (Century Media)



Terra Tenebrosa – The Tunnels (Trust No One Recordsings/Sound Pollution)



Blindead - Affliction XXIX II MXMVI (Mystic Production)



Introitus – Elements (Progress Records)



We Are the Ocean – Go Now & Live (Hassle Records /Sound Pollution)



Ginger Trees - Along with the Tide (Transubstans Records)



Starcastle – Starcastle/Fountains of Light "återutgåvor" (Rock Candy/SPD)



Alex Carpani Band - The Sanctuary (Ma.Ra.Cash Records)



LOST IN THOUGHT - Opus Arise (Inner Wound Recordings)



Same Old Story - A Great Disgrace (Engineer Records/Guerilla Entertainment)



Märvel - Warhawks of War (Killer Cobra/Sound Pollution)



SHADOWMAN – Watching Over You  (Escape Music)



Steve Hackett - Live Rails (InsideOut Music)



M.ill.ion - Sane & Insanity (Metal Heaven/Sound Pollution)



Tramp – Indigo (Killer Cobra Records/Sound Pollution)



The Watch – Timeless (Pick Up)



Lemmy - 49% Motherf**ker. 51% Son of a Bitch (Dvd)



Saturday Night's Strike - Saturday Night's Strike (Dead Tree Music/ Sound Pollution)



AMON AMARTH - Surtur Rising (Metal Blade/Border)



The Haunted - Unseen (Century Media)



Uriah Heep - Into The Wild (Frontiers Records)



THE POODLES – Performocracy (Frontiers Records)



TesseracT - One (Century Media)



Three Seasons - Life's Road (Transubstans/Record Heaven)



Joe Bonamassa – Dust Bowl (Provogue Records)



Simeon Soul Charger - Meet me in the afterlife (Gentle art of music)



KING KOBRA – King Kobra (Frontiers Records)



Evergrey - Glorious collision (Steamhammer/SPV)



Mr Gil - Light and Sound (Electrum Production)



WHITESNAKE – Forevermore (Frontiers Records)



Bigbang - Epic Scrap Metal (EMI Music)



Acute Mind - Acute Mind (Electrum Production)






ALICE IN VIDEOLAND - A Million Thoughts and They’re All About You (Artoffact Records/Sound Pollution)



Magic Pie – The suffering joy (Progress Records)



Coldspell - Out From The Cold (Escape Music)



Tetrafusion - Altered State (Nightmare Records)



PAUL YOUNG - Chronicles (Escape Music)



Long Distance Calling - Long distance calling (Superball Music)



Deadlock - Bizarro World (Lifeforce Records)



Despite - Clenched (Dozer Records/Sound Pollution)



Crowbar - Sever the Wicked Hand (Century Media)



Circle Of Bards – Tales (Electrum Production)



SATOR – Under my radar (Wild Kingdom/Sound Pollution)



Bullet - Highway Pirates (Black Lodge/Sound Pollution)



Toxic Smile – I´m your saviour (Progressive Promotion Records)



Moon Safari – Lover's End (Blomljud/Progress)



Pallas – XXV (Mascot Records)



Mean Streak - Declaration of War (Black Lodge/Sound Pollution)



Lalle Larsson's Weaveworld – Infinity of Worlds (Reingold Records)



Marillion – Live in Montreal Saturday (Racket Records)
Marillion – Live in Montreal Sunday



Deathening - Open Up and Swallow (Rakamarow Records/Triada Promotion)



Jolly – The Audio Guide Of Happiness “Part 1” (InsideOut Music/Century Media)



Qube - Incubate (Electrum Production/Records)



Bonafide - Fill Your Head with Rock (Old, New, Tried & True) – EP (Black Lodge/Sound Pollution)



TEN – Stormwarning (Frontiers Records)



Lebowski – Cinematic (Egenproducerad)



BENEDICTUM – Dominion (Frontiers Records)



Magnum - The Visitation (SPV/Playground)



InVertigo – Next Stop Vertigo (Progressive Promotion Records)



Infinity Overture - The Infinite overture pt:1 (Lion Music)



SCHEEPERS  - Scheepers  (Frontiers Records)



Perihelium - The war machines (Egenproducerad)



Believe – World is round (Metal Mind Records)



HURTSMILE - Hurtsmile (Frontiers Records)



Omnium Gatherum - New World Shadows (Lifeforce Records)



JOHN WAITE – Rough & Tumble  (Frontiers Records)



MR Big - What If...  (Frontiers Records)